How it works

You want some photos!

Check out Facebook and Google to find a photographer whose style you like. Contact them and request a pricelist and ask them questions. Keep doing this until you find someone who fits.
If you decide that I have the style, prices and times that you prefer then contact me as soon as possible so that we can book you in.
If it is a newborn session I will pencil baby's due date into my calendar.
You will pay your booking fee to secure your dates. We accept cash, bank deposit, credit card, time payment and Paypal.
We will have a chat and you can start thinking about the style of images you want. Make a Pinterest board and send me a link!


Pricing can seem a bit confusing with photographs.
I have tried to simplify it with my packages. 

The booking fee secures your booking and ensures that the I am paid for the time I have booked out for you and the use of my extensive range of props.

Then you choose a Package, Digital files or Print products (or both).

Please contact me for my full pricelist.

Paper work

When you book I will send you a contract with my studio policy and an invoice.
Please sign the one and pay the other. Then I can secure your booking, and ensure that you are guaranteed the prices that were current when you booked. A contract is important because it spells out what both of our rights and responsibilities are, if you are unsure about a clause in the contract give me a call so that we can work through it.
A couple of weeks before your session I will send you a "prep sheet" which will help you to understand how the session will work and some tips for you and your family.

Session Day!

You will arrive at my studio or the agreed location. Please phone me if you are running late.
You will have done your hair and make up if required. I will welcome you into my studio and show you where the facilities are. I provide snacks and hot and cold drinks. There are full kitchen and bathroom facilities available, as well as a confortable family lounge.
We will have discussed your preferences and the studio will be set up to get the images you want. If you see something you like just let me know and we will work it into the session.
I will handle baby in the studio, handing him or her back to you for feeds.
When the session is completed you can stay as long as you need to to settle baby before your trip home.

After the session

I will edit one image as a "sneak peek" and post it to my blog and / or Facebook on the day of your session.
The remaining images will be edited within 2 weeks.

At this meeting I will show you your gallery and we will discuss the product and print options I have available.
From gift prints to albums I can help you to create a collection to complement your home and lifestyle.
You will pay for your order, and I will place it.
Your order will be ready within 2 - 21 days depending on the products you have purchased.
I will advise you when your order is ready for pick up.

After care

I will contact you on occasion, when baby is a few months old and a few months before their first birthday to see if you would like to capture the changes in them and to celebrate milestones.

Please remember our referral programme - for every person you refer to me, who books a session, both you and them will receive a $50 print credit!